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Billy Crayyears and the Power of Paranoia Attacks on the exploitation of nihilism 1991

Not only is reality more cruel than one might have expected, it is also cruel where one didnt expect it; in short the more I see the more isee shit! Raised in protection Ibecame a kind of budha:Icomplain and complain, a selfish demiurg suppposedly righteous, but I just cannot defy my naive beliefs. Gods death didnot stop me from becoming his prophetand some god cannot doom me for eternity, Id have to build me my own Jonestown, when I became a good priest. Conspirators and non-conspirators agree: there aint nothing like a conspiracy, it's just: I dont need no Jones to get to Jonestown, 'no conspiracy'conspiracy.
And the sins of the fathers shallt be felt by their children, and the children of the children and even by the third generation the sins of the fahers shallt be felt. Selling out the poisons forbidden here for almost free, had god not forbidden the poor to use a condom, wed have createdour own final judgement. From bananaconservators to agent orange: one worldwide Dachau, on T.V. Im told everything's fine an there is nothing to worry about. Conspirators and nonconspirators agree: there ain't nothing like a conspiracy, one need not be politician to lead to Jonestown, BUT IT HELPS! 'no cconspiracy'-conspiracy.
Yet another monsterunion strangles the artist's message: vulgar nietzsheists tell me jmy work is only an everlasting strife for power and to vulgarfreudians it's an everprolonged erection. No monster sees the fear of its victims: my claw comes in mercy', witness to the chemical genocide, I hear'heaven, heaven is a place where nothing, nothing ever happens'Put away for my own best itend to think too cynical my friends left me.I won't tell you of any conspiracy, ços I'd be known as anti-conspiring. There ain''t nothing like a conspiracy, 'no-conspiracy'-conspiracy. I know I need not be followed to be paranoid, BUT IT HELPS!, 'no-conspiracy'-conspiracy.
In times of stress I rely on previous patterns, i.e. I become more superstitious, I feel Im on automatic pilot and I fear the one that is in control, I see myself running, an empty shell, I follow, I got no choice, under these laws of subconscious I know to be almighty. In my madness my nightmares break through, it feels so strange that I can talk. No poetry after Auschwitz, I can still utter some sounds. Conspirators and non-conspirators agree there aint nothing like a conspiraacy. Conspirators and non conspirators agree: there aint nothing like a conspiracy. I know I need not be paranoid to be followed, BUT IT HELPS!, half an hour outside my cell.
The more I need myself the more nervous I get & the less I'm there; the illusion intensified: I only see marionettes or should I say zombies? "The world is incomprehensible" language is weak - are you there, can I see you? I thought you were incarnated Death and as I kissed you I thought you were Judas, but I betrayed meself, you didn't matter, it was me that betrayed. Bursts in the plastic windows, this time no curtain to be torn. 'No conspiracı-conspiracy, I thought an isolation cell to be isolated, so I didnot shout.'No conspiracy'conspiracy.
Perhaps I'll await the times wherin suicides do count as criticism, ain't that noble? More monsterunions to expel deviant thinking: in the sea of information there is only sharks. So I vanish in one of my versions, I'm so lucky here is the pill that make the emotionally disturbed not emotional any more. Knowing life is worthless and mine too also my death becomes pretty useless. Get meself sedated or (and) sedated my power is my ability to close my eyes. "No conspiracy"-conspiracy, it's just when I reach for the stars I must be in the dark. 'No conspiracy'- conspiracy.
And if there were no conspiracy I'd make me my own conspiracy ços when I am to be a prophet there must be something I could tell you. It's cos I became a zombie, I feed you with horror, I live off your innocense. And he, your monster has you strive, strive, strive for some stars, and you know, when you got to strive for the stars, you must be in the dark. Enlightened the stars lose their meaning and so would you for your master. Conspirators and nonconpirators agree: there ain't nothing like a conspiracy, 'no-conspiracy'-conspiracy, Like Moses to reach the promised land you could follow the shadow of the cloud.
But now to accuse the prosecutors, one must call on the prosecutors, you know, nowadays the P.L.O & I.R.A. & R.A.F. only serve to lubricate the rape. Attacking a monster, you must be sure you won't need a second hit. Hero! Hero! Hero! Here! Here! Here!(Hear! Hear! Hear!) Here goes another hero! Hero! Hero! There ain't nothing like condemning oneself, yet not to execute the penalty, you know when I wave a web at best I'll catch butterflies. Conspirators and non conspirators agree: there ai't nothing like a conspiracy. And when there were no conspiracy, I'd be aspiring on my own.

While the subconscious manipulated to wish what can be bought, the individual is to believe his subconsious be mysterious, if he'd be conscious he would not do the job he don't want to, as does now 95 % work against their will, forced into my bed, I got plenty to do, your education too wide, chop your ends, you won't need your feet as long as I hold you, you always pray to the one thaat feeds you, this time the butcher. Here, here, I gott you some sugar, I got you some meat, I drown your guilt in alcohol and I have your fantasies raped by this porno, accept there ain't no ideals without hope, hm, there ain't no hope without ideals, and that's why life must be this crude; when we wer in paradise there would be nothing to hope for, you know, faith, love and hope, faith we lost since the faher 'sacrificed'his son before he shot himself, love we smothered so if we in some sense are to be good humans, it's for the sake of hope and this is why life is so hard. I am Procruste I cure you of surplus, you know, you'll run faster without your burdens, I tie you into my bed, then you'll never can run away no more, so I take your feet and you believe the more acceptant you are, the more happier you'll be, bravely bearing your fate until the time comes, you agree it's better for all animals not to think and you feel relieved and free and you feel your blood flowing so fast as I rob you of your thought. Now you fit, now you fit in my bed, you praise the hand that feeds you, you feel so sure in your dependance you can't remember that you used to think and you are happy, you are as happy as can be: you are as happy as I make you, you fit in my bed. Here I got you a bottle and a porno, you crave for my rape çause that gives you your worth. My name is Procruste. I chop off what yoiu don't need to fulfill my wish, I pay in dollars & you pay in years.
Time is money, yeah your time, my money. I cure your uselessness, I gave you your purpose and that's me, I'm your medicine against temptation, you are a tool and mine is the glory and the power, mine is the money mine is justice mine is the world into all eternities. You praise the hand that feeds you. What I don't need on you I have extinguished, I took what you looked for and you don't even miss it. You can't run from me your fears I transform into your wishes. Here's your valium and here's your alcohol and don't you vomit!
(And now let us pray: our father thou aret in heaven, give us our daily bread todayand don't lead us into temptation, cos thine is the kingdom & the glory & the power in all eternity. Deliberate us from evil and forgive us our sins like we forgive our debtors.)

A tired right hand and a left hand untrained, unable to wank, forced to fight for the rape here march millions of zombies blind for their master, blind for their motives and proud of their victimization and all for the sake of their blood. A hand on the gun and masks for the poisonous air, where abortion is illegal it's not just fun but also infiltration, after Bagdad there is Teheran, on the manmarket my worth improves cos I'm too old to go to war, that's the paradox effect, but a soldier is never happy when he gets what he wants without fighting, so from now on I am not a pacifist anymore, I represent the bodies sacrificed, I am a zombie, I grow by your horror, I take the place you left and I tell my friend, that's what you've wanted to do and I hope soon there ain't no more men (but me).
We don't need an enenmy anymore, we can destroy the world all on our own. Massification ain't no fun without a crime, what use to the individual can a mass have except the possibility of the impunishable crime? Where the crime is most clear, the mass is most vast and maybe also wherewhere the mass is most vast, the crime is most clear? The mother of a murderer never accepts any guilt like a christian holds some god responsible, or to a marxist, society has to be responsible and so forth.
No it can't have happened this way, this cruel it's never been, it can't have happened this way, it's just it's just that he wants it to see it like this, he deliberately stresses perversity and that's ultimate perversity: to exaggerate the horror. It has never happened this way, we made the best of it, we made the best of it." 'We' 'We' 'We'. Hahahaha. We love till we die 'cos we're stuck in our prefab decline and we kill what we love 'cos when it's not eternally ours we'd have to share it and ewe praise in ourselves how rational we think, we know ouir place, we know the price, we .... your heels and offer our sons, with the ............................................... . Zombies fighting zombies, obscuring wars zombies frightening zombies, zombies growing zombies, zombies, zombies, zombies. I am the inheritor of the sins of my fathers etc. I am moved by the laws of conditioned reflexes, in my ideals & in my nightmares there is nothing I could call my own, and it does not matter 'cos when I see the world the way I was told to, the world supposedly shapes itself in the way I supply my needs.
I am just a shadow of what I could have been, where did I read that when you never do anything against tour will, finally you can't even detect that you got a will at all? Zombies can't see themselves, zombies can't judge their acts, zombies can't see no conspiracy, zombies parts to products to destroy and zombies is flattering, 'cos zombies eat what they kill.
Getting as bitter as unable to cry makes me my unrest, when I'd be comfortable, would I start vegetating and too get my cross though I was no more than a plant? Not crying keeping the unrest-Golgotha was not meant for plants. Wake and wake, awake to see the masquerading of the annihilation, sacrifices give the world it's meaning, don't they? I fill the place of people gone, zombie, zombie, your wishes controlled, your unconscious is known, zombie, zombie, your unconscious wired for the things money can buy and the other way around, the things money can't buy you hate consciously, destroy the things you cannot buy, zombies, zombies, your lack of curiosity is the key to our success, ços there is only zombies, vegetating, vegetating, on 'minimum'income here I spill two Ethiopean manyears each month, does that make me a massmurder? We are all zombies, we live in the place of the ones we've "survived" and ain't it easy to make this the goal for a lifetime? Ain't it easy to attach meaning to the sacrifice, you pay tribute to the almighty himself, i.e. you , you sacrifice ofcourse egoistically, delicious, delicious, the more I annihilate, the more I destroy for destroying, the more I destroy for destroying, the more place I take , the more Im worth representing the ones I saw die. All zombies want to be head of the clan.
Replacing factual destruction by represental democracy, still you stand for the ones you took. Fear, the fear their deaths were as worthless as a tranquillizer, fear all you'll ever do is fighting symptoms, but then where there is only palliatives, one can only fight symptoms.

New world order!
New world order?
Yeah; order a new world!
(Q: What is the similarity between Bush and me?
George Bush wants a new world order and I want to order a new one too.)

Editors note 2005: valium and alcohol produced the death of Jimi Hendrix amongst others and Courtney Love in Rome saved Kurt Corbain after champagne and valium with an emergency ambulance!!!
I had wished before Cobain was found dead, hed seen my drawing of Courtney! My favorite lines of Courtney are the opening lines of Holes first album, I can whispershout them too: when I was a teenage whore, my mother asked me what do ido it for? and isaid iwanted that shirt and i wanted those pants, and people get very frightened of me when i use my voice,... in the documentary on schizofrenia ther is a suicide of a kurt cobainfan and i stated i went to a friend that had moved but not told me he had a new phone number, i feared he was dead,too!! I took the train, missed all means to pay for it, was thrown out about 10 times and my song I shouted to the wind and the wind so cruel, it scattered all my words, tells that story, william

To Hell With Shell is of the band Taendstickorshocks, King Kong records 5, Syphillips is of The Rondos, Red Attack, RCS435, there is amistake in the lines further on in SI: it should say
natural stroboscope, flashing your eyelids while looking into the sun, natural electroshock, place your fists against the side of your head next to your eyes, count to three and bang fully synchronized BANG!! (this works against overstressedliness, the question is youre awake now, but are you than happy??!

Ofcause the real president of the united states as I write this is bill Clinton hHe should have interfeared with the election fraud of Bush Jr! as I statred when Geoge W was elected!

William is sorry t o anounce that Wim refuse to go between drunk people and hates that much all those sexists and states hes last seen his gig was Einstuerzende Neubauten 2004 where he d been misbehaven and see a harrassed girl organizing parties!
Newest words of william 25 06 04: Florence aint got no florints, Nightingale without money (rpt)

William has written 3 of july 04 these words especially for young girls that dont really like themselves:
You say I am beautiful and I wear nice clothes, but I am nothing special,...
Its just my family is poor and my father used to beat me,...
And I didnot get mymoeney for having a drink and a movie,...
So I was angry and than I just stole this bottle of vodka
And now I tell you, officer, I cant help, i cant help
You are a policeofficer and my big brother is too,...
When he hears of this!!!
Than I ll be beaten up by my father again so please take me away
I cant help, now I am a thief, I am athief and I was arrested and what else could I have done!
You know I may be ugly, but I aint bad, but I aint bad!

08 07 04
William Scharfrichter reminds that dumb blonde prince william of Orange to be not such nearsighted and stay in the Hague but should claim the castle of William I, come save Dunkirk capers! Those Frisians and Maybellites!!! Gimme some red water, maybe strawberries like Lennon said, maybe carrots as catholics prefer? Ofcos you should never have trusted genetic engineering in vegetables, this is radiation world! Be smart book your onewaytrip like Dr Spock in a space ship, go when youre 87 years old on a one way trip to the next star, King William disappeared in space, by that time you can have your own TVstudio in it! Dont pretend you have any mercy with prince Lockheed and do not attempt to rescue him from military critics, hes always been a coward!
Prince William, I know where you were the day Sinatra died, which was to be a day being described as an ordinary day in may, there was not one historian obviously of the fact of that monstrous peace in Muenster!
Prince William Alexander, I suppose next you visit Alexandrie and speak about the ruining of that beautiful library!

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